Adinkra Glass Tumbler Set




Etched Adinkra Glasses (Set of 4)

Lovingly crafted in the hills of northern Italy, each piece in the Barglass series features a classic, minimalist design offset by a distinctive bubble base, creating an understated aesthetic that slips seamlessly into any interior.

Distinctive Bubble Base – A hallmark of considered and quality craftsmanship
Dishwasher Safe – For convenient, hassle-free cleaning
Capacity: 280ml
Diameter: 8cm
Height: 9.5cm
Delivery: Please allow 5-7 working days for production and delivery

Symbols in LOVE THEME Set:

  • Akoma (“The heart”: Patience & Tolerance)
  •  Akoma Ntoso (“Linked Hearts”: Understanding & Agreement)
  • Me Ware Wo (“I shall marry you”: Commitment & Perseverance)
  • Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan (“Love never loses its way home”: Power of Love)


  • Gye Nyame (“Except for God”: Supremacy of God)
  • Nyame Dua (“Tree of god”: God’s protection and presence)
  • Nyame Nnwu Na Mawu (“God never dies, therefore I cannot die”: Life after death)
  • Nyame Nti (“By God’s grace”: Faith & Trust in God)

Symbols in TEAM THEME set:

  • Boa Me Na Me Mmoa Wo (“Help me and let me help you”: Cooperation, Interdependence)
  • Woforo Dua Pa A (“When you climb a good tree”: Support, Cooperation)
  • Mpatapo (“Knot of reconciliation”:  Peacemaking, Reconciliation)
  • Wo Nsa Da Mu A (“If your hands are in the dish”: Democracy, Pluralism)

Symbols in WISDOM THEME Set:

  • Nyansapo (“Wisdom knot”: Wisdom, Ingenuity, Intelligence and Patience)
  • Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu (“He who does not know can know from learning”: Knowledge, Life-long education)
  • Sankofa (“Return and Get it”: Learning from the past)
  • Mate Masie (“What I hear, I keep”: Wisdom, Knowledge, Prudence)

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God/Divinity Theme, Love Theme, Team Theme, Wisdom Theme


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